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Earning Money Online: Use Your Home Computer to Earn a Living

This article lists some easy ways to start earning money online. Once you have entered the arena and experienced success, you will establish what works for you and will be in a position to plan a way forward in this exciting space.
What Works:
  • Proven systems
  • Proven approaches
  • Systems and approaches which interest you
  • Systems which can be duplicated to increase overall earnings. (repeatability)
  • Acquiring the skills and knowledge necessary to progress along your chosen path (very easy when you know how)
The above points are all essential when choosing a path in this arena. Each of the above boxes must have a tick when you are deciding on a particular earning method for yourself.
What does not Work:
Secret systems which the promoter claims will earn you millions by simply downloading a code or program onto your computer.

The Way Forward
Here is a list of methods which can actually generate online income.
  • Affiliate marketing - A proven method to earn a decent living. It has the huge benefit of being able to generate income automatically once set up. This is the best choice for most of us. The main barrier to entry for this method is the set of skills required to establish a viable marketing campaign. What is essential here is to gain all the requisite skills from one of the excellent skills providers on the Internet. If you do not do this you are unlikely to progress with this method.

  • Commodities and Forex trading - An area fraught with tricksters and shady practices but if approached with the correct strategy, a potentially profitable arena. Here, the selection of a reputable trader is essential as is the formulation of a water-tight strategy with which to proceed. Do these two things successfully and you will join the few very wealthy traders online.

  • Writing an E-book - This is much easier than you may imagine. If you have always wanted to write but are unsure about how to start, please understand that it is much easier than you may think. Using Word or similar program, list your main headings and write some content under each heading (save often). You will flesh the document out as you proceed but initially, just get something down. Your book will grow, change and develop each day as you enter new content. Once you have a decent document, search for a good online publisher. There are many and you should do your research properly to ensure a good fit. The publisher will handle things such as registering your document (ISBN) and will also guide you through converting your text into the required format. This is going to be the year for you!

  • eBay - We all know about this resource. Choose some items which you no longer use, join up, list them, bank the money and enjoy the extra space in your home.

  • Freelancing - An often overlooked source of potential earnings. Here it is necessary to deal through one of the big organisations. You need exposure to the widest possible range of jobs.

Please look into each of these methods. Any one of them could change the way you decide to use your time and abilities going forward in your life.
I am a retired professional with a keen interest in researching and sharing self development strategies. I run a website which deals with this, concentrating on strategies which actually work. Each of the above earning methods is covered in detail in the financial wellness section. Please visit the site at:
Please pay a visit. I'm sure that you will find something of interest and guarantee that you will learn something new.
Join me on the journey!
Talk to you soon
Phil Meyer

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Tips for Building a Brand

A brand is just more than a logo and a tagline. Building a brand is the way of defining your business and communicating with the external and internal audience. You need to be analytical and patient during the branding process. In this article, we will discuss certain tips that will help you create a robust brand.
Define your brand
Before starting, review the product or service you are offering and find out the space it occupies in the market. Research on the needs of customers and see how you can stand out in the competition. You must identify the message you want to convey and deliver it in a concise way.
Planning is highly important to create a brand. Ask yourself these questions:
What is your goal?
What is the USP of your product?
Who is your target audience?
What image do you want to invoke in the customer's mind?
Answering the above questions will help in proper planning.
Know the demographics of customers
Identifying the demographics of customers is vital to build a successful brand. The information will affect pricing, promotion and packaging of your product. The demographic profile of the target audience will help you identify their choices and tailor your product accordingly.
Recognize your strengths and weaknesses
It is essential to evaluate your strengths and weaknesses. Knowing them will help you strengthen your business in the long run. Work on your weaknesses and find out ways to overcome them. Also, you need to maintain transparency in your business and be honest to your employees and investors.
Engage with your customers
Your customers hold the key to your success. To create brand awareness and spread your vision, interact with your customers. Use the power of social media to reach a range of audience. Join your niche communities and create a contact base.
Know the market and competitors
It is important to know the market and the competitors. Research on the products and services of your rivals. Find out how you can do things differently from them. Understanding your competitors will help you distinguish yourself in the market and create a unique brand identity.
Be consistent
Be consistent with your brand across all platforms. Inconsistency can dent the image of your business in the market and put off customers. Only when you are consistent, you can build a strong image in the market.The longer you are consistent, the more likely it is for customers to recognize your brand.
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Creating Brand Strategy and Awareness Using Social Media

Branding in the Virtual Universe
Every business today needs a hot and sticky brand.
Today is different than any time in our history when speaking on the topic of branding a business. In the virtual universe, it is very important to have a professional social presence.
To do business online in this changing landscape, it is going to be required of us to know how to use social media for branding. Branding is the concept behind all you do in business and even in your personal life. It is the element which people remember.
Remember the days of "cold calling"?
Cold-Calling is the process of calling a list of people to get them to say yes to what you are doing. It is a process which may be going away with the dawn of virtual marketing. There are a few things your business can start to do to increase brand awareness.

  • Use referencing material such as hashtags when making social posts. A hashtag is the number sign and the word beside it will be what you would use. Simply do a search for the word and see what you come up with.

  • Have a complete social media profile. Using one over the other is perfectly fine, but a successful business will be branded everywhere a prospect resides.

  • Create a mission. Having a business is one of the greatest assets someone can possess, but often the business does not have a mission. What are your core values as a business owner?

  • Recruit a team. Using some of the group features found on many social networks is a great way to build your tribe. Once loyal, a consumer will return again and again. Within the groups, talk about your brand, products and outreach goals.

  • Be visible. Don't worry about being seen. Business that aren't seen, aren't in business very long. Use your social media to create a virtual fame factor.

  • Write a book. Writing a book establishes you as the expert in your chosen field. It is easier than ever to produce, publish and promote your book.

  • Be a testimonial junkie. Everywhere your business goes, be sure to collect testimonials. Even one sentence praise reports from someone famous can result in your business exploding with interested clients.

  • Be humble and authentic. In a virtual arena, retaining authenticity is key to attracting high-paying prospects who demand more of the "real deal".

  • Have a strategy. Having an outlined strategy for virtual branding goes a long way toward peace. Lay out each week what you are going to put out there and who will see it.

  • Finally, embrace change. Social media is a virtual Goliath in the world of branding. Your new "hot and sticky" brand will go with you through all of the change, but know, there will be changes.

  • It has been a pleasure to talk to you today about branding on social media. Stay cool and write your book.
    #hotpinkattitude with Carla Wynn
    Create your Brand - Then write a book!

    Saturday, April 25, 2015

    If Opportunity Doesn't Knock, Build A Door

    Expert Author Wayne Elsey

    The title I used for this article can be originally attributed to Milton Berle. It's as accurate today as it was when he first said it.

    In 2012, a young boy named Kelvin Doe became the youngest person in the history of the program to be invited to the "Visiting Practitioners Forum" at MIT. He was 15. Check out what 8 million people found incredible about this young boy in this inspirational YouTube video.

     Kelvin grew up in Sierra Leone and his family was impoverished. He became a self-taught engineer. And in the midst of poverty, he was able to build his own community radio station where he features news and music. He created ways for his rural community to have light. He built a generator because he needed it-all with the resources he found in his home or in the trash. When he did finally appear in the United States after news of his genius spread, he impressed the minds of the engineers and inventors at MIT.

    Kelvin built a door.

    So, how do you find opportunity and create the door if nothing is coming your way?

    One of the things I have found is that you need to be prepared to take the initiative and maybe even trail-blaze. I am an entrepreneur and the founder of a nonprofit, a social enterprise and several businesses. I firmly believe if I spent my life waiting for something to come my way, I probably would have been waiting a long time.

    "Building a door", by definition, means constructing something. If you are looking to start something new, you have to be ready to create.

    Do you always have to be the leader?

    I don't think so. If you are looking to create opportunity in developing a new social enterprise, nonprofit or business, you can be the person who has the idea. If you then bring that concept to others who are comfortable being in leadership roles, you can work together as a team.

    Opportunities and the ideas that create them can be found almost anywhere. Historically, you have people who take an existing product or service and improve upon it. A simple tweak or subtle change here or there may make something more successful. These types of opportunities can be found simply by looking at what others may be overlooking. Oftentimes, success can be found by being a bit more observant and creative.

    Other times, you have individuals who are able to create something and solve a problem in a way that has not previously been done. Let's take Elon Musk, the chief product architect of Tesla Motors, inventor and entrepreneur. He's been all over the news lately, and for good reason.

    Elon Musk is a great example of someone who is seeing opportunity everywhere. In a nut shell, since NASA mothballed its space shuttle program, he has been working with other global leaders in privatizing what was once a government-only endeavor to have people travel to space. He is the co-founder of PayPal, which helped revolutionize how people send and receive money in a much more cost effective and seamless transaction on the Internet.

    Recently, Elon Musk has been all over the news for two reasons: 1) He stated that self-driving cars was a problem that had been "solved". In his remarks last month, he said that engineers and designers essentially knew how to get an automobile to drive itself and it would be only a matter of time until they perfected it and rolled it out systematically; and, 2) on March 30th, he sent out a single tweet that he would be unveiling a new invention, which was not a car, on April 30th.

    That single tweet created an enormous buzz on the Internet and, remarkably, as was noted in this article, Tesla Motors stock jumped by $900 million or nearly 4 percent in 10 minutes following that tweet.

    As of this writing, we don't know what Elon Musk will be presenting, but this is opportunity. Just like Kevin, Elon Musk is a great example of someone who is thinking outside of the proverbial box and seeing opportunities abounding in different areas. Either inventor could have been limited by circumstance or "reality", but that's not the path they chose.

    They are creating solutions. They are creating opportunity.

    There may not be immediate pay-offs, but one of the messages you should internalize is that both Kevin Doe and Elon Musk are building doors where they might not have previously existed.

    We all have the capacity and ability to do this. It is not special to a favored few. We just have to believe in ourselves and then do the work.

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    Author of the book, "The Rise and Fail of Charities In the 21st Century: How The Nonprofit World Is Changing And What You Can Do To Be Ready" available on Amazon. Please visit my website at

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    Monday, April 23, 2012

    On The Nigerian Community

    I just woke from sleeping after having a vigil with some projects only to be greeted by what was going on on twitter. There was a kind of battle between Mr. Ovation(@DeleMomodu) and @tunjimartins --- this junction i would like to pause and say clearly that this post is to bring to light this issue and make you ponder. Everyone got their own opinion!

    So many tweets drew my attention, especially this one: "@DeleMomodu u are also part of d loot in nigeria at least u collect money for ur magazines" - by @tunjimartins.

    You can check that conversation if interested. The tweets made me remember how myself and some people I know have been insulted on social medias (Nairaland, most especially - those guys are baaaad guys :D)

    I've observed that most people spit on their fellow brothers, or better say "Poor sand sand for another person garri"

    My take on the issue is: We can't make progress by insulting each other because one is richer, from another tribe, from another political party or whatever reason. We might just be eating our future while some folks enrich themselves with the hatred some of us have for ourselves.

    Lack of education(awareness) and poverty is, indeed, a dis-ease!